Building a home represents the greatest financial investment most people will make in a lifetime
and few envision how complex the process is until they are entangled in a jungle of restrictive
covenants, building codes, zoning ordinances, design options, vendor and contractor choices
and so on. Yet, most states do not have a licensing requirement for residential building designers.

When a new home or addition is in your future, a specialist in the discipline of residential design is
your best choice to guide you through the design/building experience. Accordingly, it makes sense
to secure design services from a qualified, experienced source, a professional member of the
American Institute of Building Design (AIBD).

Since 1950, AIBD has provided building designers with educational resources, and has developed
nation wide design standards and a code of ethics for the building design profession. Today, AIBD
is a nationally recognized association with professional and associate members in 48 states, throughout
Canada and in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Bahamas.

AIBD is also meeting the challenge of the future by educating members about new and improved building
materials and innovative technologies that will impact how we live in the future.

Be it a new home, addition or renovation, thorough planning and good design go hand in hand. The
American Institute of Building Design exists for that reason. We strive to promote national unity in the
design profession; to improve design educational standards and methods; and to increase public awareness
of the building design profession. Why not secure the services of a qualified, experienced specialist for your
next building project: a Professional Building Designer who is a member of the American Institute of Building Design.

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A custom home plan is a one-of-a-kind home that is designed for a specific client and for a particular location.
Build a unique Home!  You can spent endless hours looking through books of
stock plans, or we can help you put 
your ideas and your design needs to work for you. Remember it's YOUR HOME use
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